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We here at Mystique Boutique NYC, have been working tirelessly to come up with a way to reward and thank our most loyal customers. After months of brainstorming (and coffee. So. Much. Coffee.), we are proud to introduce our MBNYC REWARDS MEMBERSHIP The VIP ROOM. As a valued  member of The VIP ROOM, you get the very best of both worlds: exclusive online deals and coupons and mystery gifts multiple times a year.


FOR ONLY $19.99 A YEAR (what’s that, like 3 caramel lattes? Trust this is wayyy cooler) you can expect:


  • An automatic, members only discount every single time you shop with us (think of it as...sitting at the cool kids’ table)
  • Discounts that can go up to 50% off on online purchase (which your wardrobe and your bank account will thank you for)
  • Mystery gifts (clothes, accessories, makeup, more discounts. A box from us will be a fashion-forward surprise every time)
  • A surprise on your birthday (what’s better than cake on your birthday? Gifts and cake on your birthday)

Mystique Boutique NYC is known for providing fresh and trendy styles at affordable prices. We only wish to keep providing awesome shopping experiences and show our esteemed customers much we appreciate their continued patronage.


SO, if you haven’t gotten it yet, the VIP ROOM, is you! We believe that as shoppers of Mystique Boutique NYC your wardrobe with us, as well as your ability to style our clothing allows you to transform any space that you are in into an exclusive space! This membership is more about you than anything.

So go on ladies, join the club and happy shopping!