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Online Fashion Clothing Boutique

Mystique Boutique brings you designer fashions at a fraction of the cost of overpriced designer labels. Its New York’s best kept secret! Located in SOHO, Mystique Boutique offers the hottest club fashions. A favorite for the fashion forward woman who needs to control her budget, Mystique Boutique constantly gets in new hot looks. Find us on Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest! We’re the best online fashion boutique in NYC!

Our flagship is located in the beating heart of New York, right on Broadway, convenient to SOHO and all major transit. Come in and check out the hottest trends in club fashion. Unlike any other fashion boutique, our fashions are priced for you, with a wide selection of looks that makes sense for your budget. With stores located throughout the NYC Metro area and Long Island, we make it easy to shop either in person or online. We are your best online clothing boutique for great looks and deals.

We’re extremely active on social media. Check us out on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus. Our active fashion community provides tips, looks, and reviews. Our community members break down and rearrange our looks – we like them, embrace the club style that is full of passion and heart. Don’t just believe us – believe the people who love us!

Here are a few of our reviews from Yelp–

Julia T. from Boston says:

Came to New York with a couple of friends to explore the Big Apple and did some shopping in SoHo.

Completely fell in LOVE with this little boutique! The clothes here were cute and more importantly, in my price range! Probably my favorite place in SoHo, not that I’m really an expert of the place haha.

But definitely a place you’ve got to check out if you are looking for something cheap yet chic !

Marissa M. exclaims:

Love this place! Great for college girls and 20-somethings. Super inexpensive. I got a top and 2 pairs of flats that I always get compliments on and have held up well. I live in Florida and have to make it a point to stop and shop here when I’m in town.

Tania R from New York, NY raves:

Went shopping here today, and as always it was a complete success. I love the feeling of walking out of a store after shopping and feeling completely satisfied-no thoughts of “maybe i really didn’t like that dress” or “was that shirt worth the price tag”!? I felt so elated! Keep it up Mystique!