5 Spring and Summer Wardrobe Staples

I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old saying “your wardrobe is only as strong as your most basic separates.”  Okay, okay seeing as though I’ve just made that up now...maybe you haven’t. Nevertheless, it’s completely true ladies! You deserve a fierce wardrobe with separates that stand the test of time. And, with the warm-weather season rapidly approaching, I am here to let you know which spring and summer pieces should be held in the highest esteem.

Bomber Jacket

First up, we have the illustrious bomber jacket. I adore bomber jackets in the fall and I'm stubborn enough to pull them right with me into the spring. Bomber jackets are great because they allow you to beat the transitional season chill without forcing you to sacrifice your outfit. In fact, MBNYC's bombers can equally compliment a sultry jumpsuit or a printed a-line dress.


Frayed denim shorts

Next, we have the ever-versatile frayed denim shorts.  The rugged bottom hem of these shorts let you straddle the line between carefree beach babe and edgy rocker chick. The more distressed and unraveled the hem, the better. When paired with a graphic tank and sneakers, this piece allows for the ultimate too-cool for summer look. For some frayed shorts of your very own, MBNYC has got you covered.




Maxi Dress

Next up we have, what is perhaps the reigning queen of warm weather attire, the maxi dress. This piece is perfect for rising temps due to its vibrant color and patterns paired with its light and airy fabric. Wear yours with over-sized sunnies and relish those days dogs of summer.



Wide-Brim Hats

Okay folks, this next entry is a bit of wildcard. This one is less of of an item of clothing, and more of a witchy accessory. Wide-brim hats have always felt a bit American Horror Story: Coven to me, but with a little variation in color and style, you can make yours more sprightly. These hats are winners in my book because they’ll protect you from the blazing summer sun, and they were made to be worn with a maxi and sandals.




Alright, I’ll admit it. I am a total ‘90s kid and I’ll probably take my devotion to that particular decade with me with the grave. So, of course, I’m a complete sucker for great denim pieces. Worn-in, slouchy, and maybe a bit over-sized. I love anything that allows me to channel my inner or Clarissa Darling. Denim is a spring staple because they are just bursting with versatility.  For example, an especially fierce denim jacket will look as great over a high neck crop top as it does over a floral-print dress.